Strength Training For Basketball Athletes

The best basketball exercises are sport-specific in that they target the most commonly used muscles for the sport, while also targeting antagonist muscles that are not used in the sport, in order to prevent muscle imbalance and injury.

When it comes to basketball, the most important muscles for strength are those in your legs and those in your core. For most situations, the arms and shoulders of basketball athletes become as strong as they need to be through regular play. When you focus on your abs and legs, you can improve them more quickly, and that will make the most possible difference in your play.

That’s really what you’re looking for when you train – the least amount of effort in the gym, for the most amount of gain on the court. Since all athletes have the same amount of time to train, making the most of your time is what sets you apart as an athlete.

See this great video on making the most of your strength training efforts:

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