The Ball Handing Drills That Will Double Your Team’s Abilities In 3 Months

Does your team have mediocre ball handling abilities? Or do only a few key players have the ability to handle the ball at all?

These drills will allow you to coach this crucial ability to your team. They will increase your team’s time with the ball each game, and suffer less steals.

The important issue when integrating these drills into your team’s practice schedule is that you must focus on them intensely for a short period of time. It is better to immerse your team in these drills 3-4 times per week for at least 1 hr, than to do them 1x per month. If not done in an immersive way, the drills will not take hold in your team’s muscle memory.

It is best to coach a team one skill at a time, if they have many things to learn. First, take care of their ball handling. Then, move on to the next thing. If you spread your practice time thin, it may backfire and your team may not learn much.