Will Children Benefit From Basketball Training?

basketballhoop - kidsOne rainy day in 1981, a worried YMCA instructor by the name of James Naismith noticed that that his charges needed a diversion. Seeing as it was impossible to go outside and do outdoor activities, he racked his brain for a few ideas. A while later, he propped up a few fruit baskets against the wall and asked his charges to take a shot at it with a football. It was sensational.

It became a game that captured people’s attention. Later, the said professor had to move to Paris and there, modeling from the one he created in Massachusetts, he made the first European b-ball court that still stands up to now. It is the oldest basketball court and although an American invented the game, the oldest basketball court is in the basement of a YMCA center in Paris.

Basketball now

Gradually, more and more people were introduced to the game and after the first organized gaming event (in Paris) two years after its invention, the game has blown out of proportion. Right now, every country all over the world knows basketball and basketball courts are readily available if you are looking for one.

Now, basketball associations are established in various countries like North America and more. When these teams play against each other, it becomes a national phenomenon. Even other countries take part in these games by betting and cheering on their favorite teams.

On an average the National Basketball Association of America has 30 teams with an average of 14 people per team. That is a lot of training, practicing and finally playing and these players are even called professionals. What do they gain from all of this? Why do they play so much and what are the benefits of playing basketball?

If you are a kid trying to look for reasons to start playing basketball, just look at the NBA stars that are always playing on the sports channel of your television. They seem to be living the life, keeping fit and earning money at the same time, don’t they? Those are just the general reasons as to why you should play basketball but for a listing of more benefits, continue reading:

It is a great work out.

If you feel like you are on the chubby side and want to do something about it, then head to the nearest basketball court. An hour of this game will burn 630-750 calories. It builds up you endurance, improves your balance and coordination and makes your muscles grow more prominent as well! You want those biceps bulging for when you flex right?

It develops improved concentration and self-discipline.

This sport can even help you out with your studying. Remember that in class, you have to be able to concentrate on your lessons and discipline yourself to do the tasks assigned to you. The same is true for basketball, you have to constantly be in concentration or you will miss a specific move and violate a guideline leading to a foul.

This trains you to be more self-disciplined as well not to be late for practices when training. The same is true in life; you have to constantly discipline yourself in order to get what you want.

If you train hard in the gym and on the court to get better at basketball, you will develop many other life skills such as determination and improved physical capability. You can learn drills to train basketball skills such as agility, vertical jumping, and strength at a site like Piranha.

It connects you to people.

When you play in the courts, you cannot be playing by yourself. It might begin with just you and your friend but later on, you go right ahead and create a team. This opens up your social world and in no time you will have friends more than you can count.

It relieves stress.

As a child, you might be going through something in your life. Playing basketball can help with that. As it is an excellent form of exercise, it releases hormones that will make you happy. There is no need to resort to other things such as drugs and alcohol to get over what you are going through, just exercise!

To some, their playing is just a recreational activity, something that will entertain them and keep them fit as well. If you have your eyes set on even bigger goals and want to become a pro player, then go ahead and start bouncing that ball today!

Kobe Bryant’s Worth Ethic

Ever wonder whether professional athletes can get by on pure talent, or if it takes a lot of hard work? For the best of the best, the answer lies in their practice routines. Though many young athletes can be successful by only practicing with the team and playing games, the athletes without a good work ethic almost always fade out as they begin to compete on a national stage.

Here’s a great video from Business Insider on the work ethic of one of the best basketball athletes out there – Kobe Bryant.

As you’ll see, the source of Bryant’s skill is in how hard he practices off court. It takes a lot of sweat to stay at the top of your game throughout an athletic career, and this is how it’s done!