Top 5 Basketball Skills to Teach To Your Team

It is true that everybody learns differently. Nonetheless, the skills will be learned much faster when a coach is involved. A coach should be someone who has more experience than the player. Also, the coach should be good at both playing and teaching. It is not strange to find a great basketball player who cannot be a coach. Knowing the basic skills that should be taught first makes the learning process easier.

Basketball players have to go through three levels of training. Level one is for beginners and level 3 is for those who have advanced knowledge. Every learner has to start at the first level regardless of the age. However, there is a difference in the speed of learning witnessed among different age groups. Older players learn quickly than the young ones. The skills to be learned are the same in any case.

They include:

1. Footwork

You should teach them how to pivot their right and left foot without much traveling. Jump stops and triple-threat positioning are basic skills too.

Additionally, enlighten them on how to square straight to the basket immediately after catching the ball. Take as much time as possible in this area but ensure the skills are learned properly.

2. Lay ups

Make sure the team practices many lay ups. Also, they should include both hands. You will know they have mastered the skills if they can perform equally well no matter the hand being used. Besides this, the learners need to now how to jump off using the right foot. The wrong choice in this case will not lead to a score.

When shooting with the left hand, the right foot should be used. Consequently, the left foot should be used when shooting with the right hand. It is difficult to master this at the beginner level. However, you can find ways to make this easy for the learner and encourage them to practice a lot.

3. Ball handling

Basket ball involves a lot of dribbling. Teach the player how to do this using the right and left hand. There are many different moves when it comes to dribbling, including the crossover and speed dribble, which you can learn how to train effectively here. Also, there is the back-up and protect-the-ball dribble.

To note is that the moves should be used under the right circumstances. Even when the move is done right, it will be useless if the scenario does not call for that. You have to give the players tips on how to make the right judgment call. They will not master everything at once. However, you will note improvements over time.

4. Shooting form

You should make adjustments on the size of balls and baskets depending on age. Young children should have smaller balls. Also, the baskets should not be set too high. In case this is not possible, think of other ways to make the circumstances ideal. Allowing the player to dip elbows enables them to shoot with more strength.

Since it is through shooting that points are amassed, more emphasis should be put on this skill. The wrong move in shooting can ruin a perfect score. Take examples from the greats, such as Ray Allen. Every player needs to know how to shoot perfectly. Make sure every player in the group gets a chance to shoot under your supervision. Corrections should be made on an individual basis.

5. Movement and athletic skills

You should teach the players to skip, run, land, jump and squat. Lateral movements and lunges are important too. Additionally, you can include other movements which you deem important. In case you are lacking skills in this area, call a professional. You should ensure that your learners get the best services. Physical education teachers are more likely to come to your aid whenever you call.

Remember that you will not achieve much with players who are lazy. Have them exercise before starting the practice. Also, caution them on maintaining physical fitness in order to do better.

Your success in coaching will be demonstrated by how well the players perform in the field. If you do not give your best then do not expect the learners to be excellent. There is a sense of pride which comes with getting good results. You should always do a thorough so as not to regret later. It gives you more satisfaction.